MTL - Musical Theater Lisbon, a beacon of cultural enrichment located in the heart of Portugal. 

Established in 2022 by Portuguese actors Martim Galamba, Sissi Martins and Rúben Madureira, MTL aims to create a Musical Theater Industry in Portugal, building a bridge with Broadway, in Lisbon.

MTL is dedicated to fostering a vibrant exchange of international musical theater excellence on national stages. Our passion is palpable, and our mission is clear: to elevate Portugal's cultural landscape by bringing the magic of Broadway and the expertise of top-notch Musical Theater artists and instructors to Portugal. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, we aim to leave an indelible mark on the artistic community, enriching lives and inspiring generations to come.

Our work spans two distinct realms:

In these first two years, we have successfully conducted 8 sold-out workshops and masterclasses, an annual summit titled Broadway in Lisbon, and a full-house adaptation of the musical Annie. Drawing upon our extensive international network and close ties to the Broadway community in New York City, which includes icons such as Audra McDonald, Keala Settle, Rob McClure, and Gavin Creel, we are uniquely positioned to realize our ambitious vision. Our collective expertise and boundless enthusiasm infuse every aspect of our work, driving us to push the boundaries of artistic expression and challenge the status quo.

As we embark on this exhilarating journey, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of musical theater in Portugal and beyond. 

Welcome to MTL where the stage is set for greatness. 

"When I spoke with Martim, the president ofMTL, about our aspirations for Lisbon, I specifically mentioned that if a Portuguese playwright were to craft a remarkable musical, an American producer might very well be interested in bringing it to Broadway. If and when that occurs, I'm eager to witness its impact on the local theater community here in Portugal and how it could spark creativity among Portuguese musical playwrights. While the prospect of hosting major American musicals in Portugal is exciting, having original Portuguese musicals celebrating their own passions would be even more rewarding." Rob McClure in DIÁRIO DE NOTÍCIAS
Martim Galamba at the 1st Musical Theater Summit in Lisbon, 2023 © Nuno Ruas / Odakim
Martim Galamba, Sissi Martins, Rúben Madureira and Madam Ambassador Randi Charno Levine at the 1st Musical Theater Summit in Lisbon, 2023 © Nuno Ruas / Odakim